mdbugs service areaThey lurk in the shadows, waiting for the next victim to walk by and carry them to their destination. Bed bugs have made a huge comeback since their decline in the 70s, and they've spread to cities across the country and infested everything from homes to schools. These tiny bugs may seem small and harmless, but they cause numerous problems once they've invaded a space.

The Problem With Bed Bugs

Bed bugs, unlike many other bugs in nature, don't feed on plant matter. These bugs act more like ticks and fleas and use both humans and animals as hosts, feeding on their blood until they've gotten their fill. An adult bed bug grows as large as an apple seed but can expand even larger as it fills its abdomen with blood. Once it's full, it crawls back to its hiding spot, usually in the crevices of mattresses and furniture.

How do bed bugs get around?

These tiny bugs have extremely flat bodies when they haven't fed and can cling to most any fabric with their legs. Children who play near wooded areas may encounter bed bugs without notice and accidentally bring them back into their homes or schools. Sometimes travelers unknowingly transmit these bugs from public transportation to their place of business or a hotel, causing even more widespread infestations.

Do bed bugs transmit diseases?

Although bed bugs feed on your blood, they don't spread diseases. However, some people who have sensitivities to bug bites may develop rashes and other allergic reactions. The most common symptoms are blood blisters and red bumps, which can feel quite itchy. Some people may not have a reaction to a bite, meaning it's possible to have an infestation and not even know it.

How do you spot bed bugs?

When bed bugs are not feeding, they hide in the furniture between the cushions and in the seams of chairs. They may also hide under loose wall hangings or in cracks around baseboards. You can also spot an infestation by looking for excrement, which appears as black dots on your sheets. When they're feeding, you may roll over and crush them in your sleep. Therefore, check for reddish stains or rust spots on the sheet beneath your stomach and legs.

Professional Bed Bug Control

If it's left untreated, a bed bug infestation can grow out of control. You might even transmit the bugs to other locations or put your friends and family at risk when they enter your home. Contact MD Bugs for a free quote, and let our experienced team inspect your home for bed bugs. We'll not only eliminate the bugs but also give you useful tips for keeping out unwanted infestations in the future.