mdbugs service areaPests we offer inspections and services for:

  • Bed Bugs: We offer liquid treatments for bed bugs. We have found this is a very efficient and affordable service for most situations.

  • Birds: We offer limited services for Birds. Offering Ultrasonic bird repellent solutions. We DO NOT offer services that cause death to birds.

  • German Roaches: We offer baiting and residual chemical treatment along with void treatments both vapor & foam applications for both commercial and residential structures.

  • Rodents: We offer two kinds of baiting systems: A low toxicity anticoagulant that is placed in a bait box that reduces the population and allows us to maintain it; physical non-chemical stations to exclude the rodents from structures.

  • Scorpions: We offer customized intensive Scorpions service and detailed Black Light programs with site graphing and tracking for high activity sites.

  • Termites: We offer the latest chemistry in termite applications for customized termite programs both corrective and proactive with 1-5 year warranty terms.

MDbugs will do an initial inspection of your East Valley home or business for free!

Are you encountering pests in your home or business? Worried that there might be vulnerabilities that you don’t know about? MDbugs is here to help.

We will come to your home or business and give the building a comprehensive inspection for any pest problems you may or may not be aware of. Our staff is thorough, honest and will often catch problems that other pest control companies do not. Fill out the form to the right so that we can schedule a time for your inspection.