The first step in identifying the best program for your East Valley home is a thorough inspection. One of our inspectors will walk through your home with you to identify the pest pressure points, the pest you are concerned with, entry points for the pest, and the most efficient way to correct the problems. Technicians are trained to know the habits of pests that might plague your home; they will often find signs that you might have overlooked. The inspector will discuss with you the programs that best fit your family and budget. Our inspector will create a detailed report for our office and technicians to resolve your current issues and prevent future pest concerns. This information will be kept on file permanently for reference.

Our office staff will contact you to arrange an appointment for treatment. We will continue to apply a protective barrier around the exterior of your house monthly, shielding your home from unwanted pests. We offer both email and phone reminders for upcoming appointments, soon we will be offering text messaging options.

Certain pests, such as rodents and German roaches, are more difficult to control. This protection will be discussed with you by the technician, who will let you know the expected time frame to resolve these issues. The technician will also keep in touch with you and document any changes within that time frame.

Should you discover any indication of entry by any of the pests listed above, just pick up the phone and call; the problem will be treated at no additional charge to you. We guarantee your protection every day of the year. We will work continuously to satisfy all your pest needs and to exceed your expectations.