Termites are no laughing matter. Wherever they go, they bring havoc with them.

Residential and commercial termite incursions are anything but harmless. Because these insects can spread rapidly and multiply into huge populations, it's vital to call MD Pest at the first sign of a problem. Get in touch today.

Why Are Termites so Bad?

Like many pests, the humble termite plays a vital role in nature, where it recycles various dead plants and animal waste by consuming it. In your home, however, a distinct lack of dying greenery means that your building's wood becomes the termite's primary food source.

Exposed wood surfaces are at high risk for termite damage that seriously weakens structures, lets air and moisture inside and encourages rot. Due to these insects' dislike of dry open spaces, however, they tend to burrow deep inside building members. There, their queens can lay thousands of eggs each day. In other words, if you see one termite, there's probably an entire army of them lurking mere inches away.

How You Can Fight Back

Termites may have been around for many millions of years, but that doesn't mean they're impossible to stop. Humans have devised a number of methods that help in the constant battle against this diverse insect family. MD Pest applies the best tools and techniques to protect the integrity of your home.

Expert Diagnostics

Effective termite removal always begins with inspection. Because termites prefer to hide in moist, out-of-sight places, our experts start by hunting for their calling cards.

In addition to leaving their droppings in hidden spaces and creating holes in wood, termites often build mud shelter tubes on walls and other surfaces. These tunnels serve as highways for the colony's members, but our experts use them to pinpoint the exact source of your infestation.

Effective, Safe Treatment

Once we've discovered where your termites live, we use various methods to eliminate them. Our thorough treatments are based on proven technologies and years of experience.

Every home is unique, and yours deserves protection that fits your needs. That's why we use techniques designed to mitigate termites while minimizing the impact on the surrounding environment. By crafting the perfect solution for each property we treat, we maximize the chances of success.

Guaranteed Effectiveness

Unlike many pest control services, we work to ensure that your problem doesn't simply spread or migrate to other areas. Termites love to split off into new colonies when they're threatened with overwhelming odds. Our comprehensive methods and followups are made to prevent such outcomes.

At MD Pest, we're so confident in our work that we offer a number of termite warranty programs. You can count on us to help you choose a treatment program that suits your budget and schedule requirements, and we never try to lock you into contracts.

Stop living in fear of your home losing value or becoming unsafe. Contact MD Pest now to evict your unwanted termite tenants for good.