Sandy L. Mesa, AZ

I found the staff to be very professional and friendly. I have used MDBugs for a few years now and I am impressed with the service. Previous pest control companies failed to rid my business of scorpions. The technician Aaron addressed all my concerns and educated me on the service he provided. I have recommended them to all of my coworkers and family. Great company that understands customer service.

Allison N. Gilbert, AZ

I have used MDBugs for a few years now and have always been satisfied. Last week we brought in some boxes from a storage unit into our garage. A couple hours later SURPRISE!! I found a scorpion inside next to my garage door. I called that minute and was frantic. They told me they would have someone out the next day. Well 15 minutes later I got a call from the office asking if they could be there in less than an hour. Ruben showed up and helped me take the boxes out and he looked thoroughly for scorpions. He was very patient and helpful. He spent over an hour at my home and it was all free as a call back. I was pleasantly surprised with the astonishing customer service that is so hard to find now days!!

Anonymous restaurant owner, Chandler, AZ

My restaurant shares a common wall with another restaurant. All of a sudden I started seeing roaches. I called a large company to come to my rescue. They promised me immediate results and said I caught it early enough that it will be a quick solution. 2 months later the problem was out of control and threatening my restaurant’s image. Don with MD was eating at my restaurant and I desperately asked for advice. He came back the next morning to inspect. He found issues that were never brought to my attention. Fast forward to Chris and Greg coming out to my restaurant. They educated my management staff and stayed on top of the problem. I haven’t seen one roach in over a month. Thank You Don.

Lacey W. Phoenix, AZ

To management: I want to let you know that Aaron is a great technician. He is always polite. He works hard to keep my home scorpion free.

Anonymous Cafe Owner, Mesa, AZ

I run a restaurant in Mesa, AZ. I recently bought the restaurant and there was a little mouse that invaded our kitchen. My kitchen manager called MDBugs and they were out that day. They placed some humane traps out and came back later that evening to check them. They removed the live mouse that day and took him to a better home. I learned my lesson and our back door will never stay open again.

Debbie I. Scottsdale, AZ

I woke up one morning and found a bed bug. I called 4 companies and each came out to do an inspection. The first 3 made me feel like I was dirty and would have to be dirty to have bed bugs. Robert from MDBugs was very understanding and educated me on how I may have gotten bed bugs. I travel a lot and he explained that bed bugs don’t pick out poor or dirty people to attach to. They serviced my home at a much more affordable rate then the heat treatments others tried to sell me. They were affordable, polite, knowledgeable and respectful. I haven’t seen a bug or bite in over 6 months.

Vince L. Chandler, AZ

As a business owner I am very picky as to what vendors I hire. Chris with MDBugs came out and inspected my property. I walked with him and was impressed with how thorough he was. He even found a termite tunnel the other companies missed or failed to tell me about. He mentioned the benefits of a premium service and I liked the sound of it. It was more expensive but after a year I am happy to pay the extra money. Sometimes it allows me to know sanitation issues my management staff misses. They have helped raise my sanitation expectations and taught me what is reasonable among other tricks. I recommend to check out the premier service. I love it!